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Approaches to software development

This course, Approaches to software development, presents an engineering approach to the development of software systems – a software engineering approach. The course pays particular attention to issues of software quality, in terms of both product (what is built) and process (how we build it). Course learning outcomes After s..


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Comparing stars

Stars can necessarily be observed only at a distance. Comparing stars is a 16-hour course that introduces the HertzsprungRussell diagram, an essential tool in understanding the nature of stars. You should have some understanding of the basic stellar properties of luminosity and temperature in order to get the most from the cours..


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Computers and computer systems

Computers and processors are ubiquitous in everyday life, and they're not only found in your PC. This course, Computers and computer systems, introduces the different parts of a computer system and their use of binary code. Using the examples of kitchen scales, a digital camera and a computer artwork the course, with the help of..


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This course looks at the process of design, from assessing the complexity of design as an activity to exposing the difficulty in making general conclusions about how designers work. You will be able to identify innovation in a wide variety of designed objects and evaluate the impact of this innovation. Course learning outcomes ..


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Developing the role of teaching assistant in private schools in Kazakhstan

Teaching assistants are an important resource in education. This unit looks at how the role has developed across the UK over time and particularly in Wales. It explores the skills and attributes that teaching assistants use to provide effective support and contribute to productive teamwork. Course learning outcomes After study..


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Ethics in science?

This course, Ethics in science? discusses how scientists have a moral and ethical responsibility to consider whether they should carry out an experiment. In this short course you will learn of the first clinical trials undertaken for scurvy and small pox and gain an understanding of how much more rigorous today’s clinical trials..


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Inclusive education: knowing what we mean

This course provides a brief introduction to the field of inclusive education. You can also access the other courses in this collection: An introduction to leadership for governors and Teamwork: an introduction for school governors.Regardless of the type of school in which you find yourself, their approach to inclusive education..


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Leadership: external context and culture

Through studying this course, Leadership: external context and culture, you will develop your understanding of the impact of external context and culture on the practice of leadership. The course begins by exploring the nature ‘societal culture’, identifying how culture, at a number of levels, impacts on leadership. We then expl..


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