Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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  • 75,000₸

Accelerate your career by learning how to develop and deploy winning business strategies for your organization with a Professional Certificate in Strategic Management. Enhance your leadership capabilities by identifying and defining your business’s competitive advantage, refining your strategy to optimize customer interactions, and driving profits.

This certificate program helps you obtain the management skills you need to turn the challenges posed by today’s marketplace into opportunities for your business.

What you will learn:

- How to identify and define the competitive advantages of your business;
- How to refine your strategy to maximize your competitive advantage and drive profits;
- How to leverage the four connected strategies to create continuous relationships with customers;
- How to move beyond traditional modes of customer interaction to create a fundamentally new business model;
- How to create a portfolio of connected strategies to respond to different customer segments;
- How to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business environment

Duration of the course
3 weeks