Interior Design

Interior Design

Product Code: Образование и развитие
  • 450,000₸

Introduction to Interior Design Course

This course will give you good base of knowledge about interior design enough to start designing few project of your own.

This course is made carefully to take care of several levels of Interior Design lovers.

You will find your knowledge increasing gradually video by video without even knowing it and in no time you will reach the final video and end up with a very beautiful experience with this course brought to you with so much care of the details of the content, the sequence, and the presenting look of each video.

What you'll learn:

- Understanding all the basics of interior design.

- Ability to both read and create floorplan, elevation and section drawings.

- You will learn some details that many interior design graduate don't know a thing about it and they are very basic and important.

- We are not just learning, but we are also having fun expanding our knowledge and experience.

Duration of the course
7 weeks