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Am I ready to be a distance learner?

Distance learning can open up opportunities for study. You might have not studied for a while, you might be returning to education, or you might not have had the chance to study at a higher level before. This course, Am I ready to be a distance learner?, will help to boost your confidence. You'll explore useful skills so you can..


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Animals at the extremes: Hibernation and torpor

Hibernation is an ingenious adaptation that some animals employ to survive difficult conditions in winter. This course, Animals at the extremes: Hibernation and torpor, examines the differences between hibernation and torpor, and discusses the characteristic signs of hibernation behaviour. It explores the triggers that bring on ..


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Brighton Pavilion

In this course, Brighton Pavilion, you will examine the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, and its relationship to nineteenth-century Romanticism and exoticism. You'll begin with a biographical discussion of the Prince of Wales, afterwards Prince Regent and eventually King George IV, to whose specifications the Pavilion was built. With..


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Children in society: rights, meaning and needs

How do children fit into our society? This course is designed to help you understand the complex issues surrounding children's rights and consider the implications of treating children as full citizens. We will also dive into the meaning of childhood and analyze the basic needs of children in our society. What you will learn: ..


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Company law in context

The legal issues involved in setting up and running a business can be complex and confusing, especially when some of the terms used don't seem to have clear meanings. Company law in context is a course from the College of Law, offering a basic introduction to the legal concepts of companies, partnerships, assets and liabilities...


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Computers and computer systems

Computers and processors are ubiquitous in everyday life, and they're not only found in your PC. This course, Computers and computer systems, introduces the different parts of a computer system and their use of binary code. Using the examples of kitchen scales, a digital camera and a computer artwork the course, with the help of..


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Financial accounting and reporting

This course, Financial accounting and reporting, discusses how accountants act as processors and purveyors of information for decision making and the needs of those who use accounting information. It also looks at the role performed by accountants and notes the need to be aware of relevant regulatory and conceptual frameworks. ..


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Teachers sharing resources online

This course, Teachers sharing resources online, is designed to help you learn about how learning resources can be shared using online repositories, i.e. websites that allow for the uploading of electronic materials that can then be used and adapted by others. One of the leading examples of such websites is TES Connect. While the..


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