Privacy Policy


1.1. This Privacy Policy is an Appendix to the Public Offer and comes into into effect together with it.

1.2. Alium Limited respects the right to confidentiality and takes all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and other information processed on this website.

1.3. By visiting this website and / or using the information and / or services contained therein, the Client accepts and agrees that he / she is acquainted with, understands and agrees to the Persona data protection policy. He/she also agrees that his/her data will be transferred on the basis of a contractual relationship to an affiliate company for use solely for the purposes of AML.


2.1. Some of the data contained on the website that Alium Limited receives directly from the Client and / or publicly available information files may be considered personal data and therefore will be processed by Alium Limited, as well as with the provisions of the Persona data protection policy.

2.2. The Client can visit these websites without providing any information about him / her, however, if the Client wishes to start using the services offered by Alium Limited on the website, Alium Limited will ask the Client for his / her address and / or telephone number, as well as full name or company name and other information (depending on the services that the Client wishes to use).

2.3. As a rule, Alium Limited manages the following personal data: name, email address, mobile phone number, ID, identity document issue date, date of birth, photo, address, IP address and/or other information provided by the Client to Alium Limited.

2.4. The data provided by the Client is processed for the following purposes: identification, verification of the accuracy of personal data, conclusion, implementation and control of various agreements, detecting and preventing money laundering or other illegal activities, etc.

2.5. Alium Limited may use cookies on this website. Cookies are small files sent to the Client's web browser and stored on his / her hard drive. Cookies are sent to the Client's computer at the time of his / her first visit. Later, cookies are used to identify the Client's computer and facilitate his / her access to the website or the information contained therein. The client agrees to the use of cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies, but the Client can change his browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. In this case, some functions may not work.

2.6. Like most website, Alium Limited monitors website visits and collects information about how many people have visited the website, the server domain of the visitor, etc. This information is collected automatically when you visit the website. This helps the website manager to understand how visitors use the website and improves the services provided by Alium Limited.

2.7. All of the above information, including personal client data, is not transferred to any third party without the consent of the Client, unless required by applicable law or if it is necessary for the provision of services. Alium Limited reserves the right to employ others in its sole discretion to perform certain functions on behalf of Alium Limited. In order to perform functions intended for such people, they may be exposed to some client information. However, the people mentioned may use this information solely to perform the functions intended for them.

2.8. The manager of the processed personal data on the website is Alium Limited, as specified in the Public Offer.


3.1. The subject of personal data has the right to demand to be acquainted with the personal data stored by Alium Limited, learn how it is processed and request to submit such data to him/her. Data may be provided free of charge once a year, but in other cases the data may be charged at the amount which does not exceed the cost of data provision.

3.2. The data subject has the right to request that Alium Limited correct all his / her personal information free of charge. The subject of personal data has the right to refuse to have his/her personal data managed and disclosed to third parties, except when it is necessary to provide services.

3.3. Request for access, rectification and refusal can be sent to In the request, the Client must indicate his full name and username.


4.1. By registering in the System, the personal data subject agrees to the processing of his personal data by Alium Limited for notification purposes, namely sending notifications about changes in the services provided by Alium Limited, their price and functions, agreements concluded with the Client, and similar changes, messages and other notifications related to the provided services.


5.1. Alium Limited is not responsible for guaranteeing the confidentiality of third party websites, even if those websites are accessible through the links provided on this website. Alium Limited recommends to read the terms and conditions of every website that is not owned by Alium Limited.


6.1. The aim of Alium Limited is to guarantee the maximum security level for any information provided by the Client, as well as public data files. In order to protect such information from illegal access, use, copying or disclosure, Alium Limited uses various of administrative, technical and physical security tools.


7.1. These Personal data protection policy provisions are subject to law of the Hong Kong. All disputes regarding this Policy are to be resolved by negotiation, and if it is impossible to reach an agreement - in the courts of the Hong Kong.

7.2. The term "this Website" as used in this Personal data protection policy refers to